StaFi Hub Validator Program Introduction

This is a copy. Original article at https://medium.com/stafi/stafihub-validator-program-introduction-c419e28896da Introduction The StaFiHub Testnet has been in operation for over 2 months, and we are now preparing for the mainnet release within the next few weeks. We have seen about 137 community members running nodes for StaFiHub testnet and want to thank them for their support. StaFiHub welcomes anyone wh
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StaFiHub Public Testnet

A Layer 1 Cross-Chain Staking Derivatives Platform On The Cosmos Ecosystem StaFiHub is built using the Cosmos-SDK and aims to provide liquid staking solutions for assets through the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) to rapidly grow the staking industry How to join to public testnet? Install dependencies: Install Go: Clone git repository: Install: Download genesis: Configure your node: Run service:
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Umeemania testnet 2 is almost done!

According to the discord announcment: The final snapshot for the Umeemania Incentivized Testnet will be taken on June 12th. If you have been an active testnet participant, no action is needed at this time in order to be eligible to receive a token reward. The Umeemania testnet will continue running without incentive after the final snapshot. More features and protocol upgrades will be released there, and community me
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Umee Validator Delegation Program 2

The Umee team is very proud to announce the official launch of the Umee Validator Delegation Program! The Umee mainnet went live on February 15th, with an initial group of genesis validators, who performed flawlessly, in the launch of the official Umee Network! If you are a validator and interested in receiving delegation, please look no further! The Umee validator community will be expanded in the coming months
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ZKPs setup ceremonies

Introduction Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) have a particularly important history in the context of cryptocurrencies since Zerocoin and Zerocash. While early implementations focused on enabling general privacy for financial transactions, ZKPs have found increasing applicability outside of mere obfuscation. For example, zkRollups are a technique to increase the scalability of Ethereum by enabling greater transaction thr
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Umeemania Testnet

Anyone can participate in the testnet. So let’s get started!As always, we will start from the beginning. We need wallets, here is a Keplr guide. In any testnet, always create new wallets so that there are no unnecessary problems, we will need: Metamask and Keplr wallets. Install browser extensions and make new wallets. All Umeemania members must create new wallets. If you disobey this rule, then you will no
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Crescent Network

Airdrop First thing is first, you can check if you are eligible for the CRE airdrop with this calculator. Basically, it goes to ATOM stakers, with a bonus for those that voted on certain governance proposals (Prop 38 or 58), as well as those that used the Gravity Dex and provided liquidity there. The airdrop is split in two parts, with half to be available at launch, and half once the “Crescent Boost” fea
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Ironfish Mining Testnet

If you didn’t know already, there is a little news from Iron Fish. The project, which along with ALEO builds a system of confidential connections, using zero-knowledge technology, has launched a testnet on its website. Everyone can take part in testing. The main thing is the desire and desire to learn this project. At the site you can find several items that the team Iron Fish gives to test. So you can find bugs in t
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