Announcing the Umee Community DAO

Umee’s Community DAO is expected to act as an incentivized ambassador program in which up to 20M UMEE tokens will be used to incentivize and reward Umee community members who submit valuable contributions through the remainder of 2022.


Attention Umee community! The Umee Community DAO has officially launched following the passing of Umee Governance Proposal #22. Umee’s Community DAO is expected to act as an incentivized ambassador program in which up to 20M UMEE tokens will be used to incentivize and reward Umee community members who submit valuable contributions through the remainder of 2022.

There is an abundance of talent within the Umee community, and the Community DAO will be used to help unlock it. Regardless if you’re a content creatorcommunity leadertranslator, or contribute in another way, the Umee Community DAO is for you. Contributors will simply submit their valuable contributions for review each month in order to be eligible to receive compensation for their work.

The Umee Community DAO will allow the community to decide what defines a valuable contribution and where resources should be directed to ensure various types of community contributors are properly incentivized and rewarded. The DAO is led by a committee of community leaders who will identify and reward contributors who deliver valuable contributions in order to better align their interests with Umee. 

The Community DAO structure provides a way to source talent from within the community to help onboard, educate, and support active and prospective Umee users while further improving the community’s experience. If you want to be a contributor, have talent to show, or have experience in DAO management, now it’s time to get involved!

How It Works

Each month the Community DAO Committee will share a broad list of the types of contributions they will be looking for in the #cd-announcements channel on Umee’s Discord. Over the course of the month community members are encouraged (but not required) to reference the contributions being requested by the CD Committee and the Umee core team in the Community DAO section on Discord to get an idea of which types of contributions are the most likely to be awarded. 

The Community DAO Committee will review all contributions over the course of the month and assign rewards within 14 days following the end of the month, at which point another announcement will be shared on Discord.

The Community DAO Committee is NOT interested in rewarding low effort or template contributions submitted by bounty and airdrop hunters. 

How to Join?

Anyone (except those located within the USA) can start submitting valuable contributions for a chance to earn UMEE token rewards immediately. All you need to do to get started is go to the #start-here channel on Umee’s Discord and assign yourself the “CD Contributor” role!

Educators/Content Creators

To get started as an educator:

Community Support Leaders

To get started as a community support leader:


To get started as a translator:

  • Read about the expectations for translators here;
  • Go to the #start-here channel on Umee’s Discord and claim the “CD Translator” role;
  • Reference the #cd-announcements and #translations-rfc channel to see which translations the CD Committee will be looking for (mandatory);
  • Apply for the translation you’d like to complete through the Community DAO Dework – be sure to include previous work which demonstrates professionalism (mandatory);
  • Once you’ve received approval from the CD Committee (via a private Discord thread) complete the translation and submit it using the Translations Submission Form;
  • Wait for an announcement from the CD Committee!

Other Contributors

If you’re interested in contributing in another way (eg designs, technical, etc):

Remember, contributors are by no means limited to the contributions requested by the CD Committee. If you feel you can bring value to the Umee community in a way that isn’t outlined you’re free to submit the completed contribution through a submission form!