DeFund Finance and Leap Wallet partnership

DeFund Finance: an application-specific blockchain to serve one purpose — help crypto enthusiasts grow their wealth over time. DeFund allows for the creation of decentralized exchange-traded funds (formally called dETFs) with underlying assets from dozens and dozens of blockchains (and growing rapidly).

DeFund Finance is adding support for Leap, which is the only non-custodial super wallet for web3. Leap will be natively integrated with DeFund, which will give users a simple-but-powerful option to directly interact with the DeFund blockchain. The Leap Wallet will be available at mainnet for all who prefer to use the super wallet to manage their assets. Leap will also be deployed on DeFund’s Orbit Testnet, and will have full functionality during the rest of the testing period as well. You will be able to vote, stake, swap and send $DETF directly via an intuitive browser extension, as well as a user-friendly app that will be released very soon.

Leap is currently adding support for blockchains in the Cosmos and Terra 2.0 ecosystems and will be adding support for Avalanche and Near-based blockchains as well. You can learn more on their Twitter: https://twitter.com/leap_wallet

By supporting more wallets, there are fewer limitations for people who want to use DeFund. Currently, DeFund supports both the Leap and Keplr wallets and will continue to add support for more wallets in the future.

This is just one of the many strategic partnerships that will directly benefit the users of DeFund Finance in terms of functionality, user experience, and overall capabilities. Stay tuned for upcoming articles that will further detail the nature of our various partnerships/collaborations!